Forward Thinking Dog Training and Mobility

Our dogs enrich our lives. To cuddle while laughing at cat videos. A happy panty face that makes the world smile when you walk past. Your hairy other half as a guide or assistance dog. A daily source of pure joy.

Oh… is your dog not quite as you imagined? Do people notice you on walks because your dog is pulling and lunging? Is she barking the house down when anything passes your window? Did someone forget to tell you that the adorable sleepy puppy would become an adolescent with more drama than reality TV?

Just like us, dogs have different personalities which can come with a range of behaviours and anxieties. I will work with you and your dog to resolve things like barking, jumping, barging through doorways and pulling on the leash. Contact now and let me help you regain your lifestyle.

If you have a perfect little angel that you would like to teach some handy behaviours to, like sit or down or fancier tricks, then YAY – get in touch I love that stuff too!

I use positive reinforcement and force free training methods. This means I won't ask you to jerk on the leash, raise your voice or throw things. Dog training has changed a lot in the past years. I know how confusing it is to navigate through the wealth of information out there, from what other people tell us and what we find online. Let me guide you to get the best outcomes with evidence-based training methods which are both kind and effective.