Dog Training

Pet Dog Training: Personalised training to cater for you and your dog’s needs. This can involve teaching you to train your pup or adult dog, or why not let Anna train your dog directly and do the work for you? Training can take place inside your home or in your local area. Our first session is to understand your needs and develop a training plan; longer packages enable us to create great training outcomes so that you and your dog can get back to enjoying life.

Guide Dog Training and Support: Supporting you with your current working guide dog. This includes but is not limited to: route orientation, aftercare, managing distractions, being comfortable with vet procedures or nail clipping and training new tasks. If you have special skills you want added to your dog’s repertoire – we are very flexible and can easily include these in the training schedule. Let us know your ideas – we’d love to hear them!! For NDIS participants, you must have an external plan manager or self manage your plan.

Distance Consults: Yes, I provide high quality consultation over the phone using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Contact to find out more.

For pricing refer to Fees page.

Close up face of pug dog looking up.
Yellow labrador lying in a down position with head up, wearing leather guide dog harness.