“Anna is great to work with. She employs a positive training model which has amazing results with myself and my dog. Would recommend her to anyone who needs to know how to build a better relationship with your dog and get the best results in your partnership.” Nadia, dog guide handler.

“Anna is an amazing instructor and trainer. She has a deep respect for people and dogs. She is very person centred and will work with you to achieve a great outcome.” Claudia.

“I find Anna, to be a very patient and positive instructor. At all times she makes me think of my dog’s behaviour as to why he does what he does. She has a wonderful way of communicating and educating individuals; incredibly clear and uses very simplistic examples which is just so helpful. I love the way Anna empowers her clients through education and patience. At all times she starts where you’re at and goes at the pace that you prefer. I personally have experienced over the phone training and communicating via email and for me being interstate it has worked superbly. Anna has checked on my progress and answered any questions that I had. I would highly recommend Anna as an independent guide dog instructor. Definitely five stars.” Cathy and guide dog Leon.